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The Pain & Solution Map


Have more relevant conversations with your prospects.

The majority of sales rep onboarding focusses on the company, product features and sales processes.

But may sales reps lack a deep understanding of their prospects.

Whilst reps may be given some ICP and buyer persona documents, it's simply not enough.

This leads to ineffective messaging and less quota attained as the conversations are surface level and too much about the product and company.

Use this Pain and Solution map to develop core talk tracks and message themes for your cold emails.

The headings for each column provide a prompt for you to fill in.

Each row should focus on one pain (or problem) your prospects face. Then work through the additional headings to complete the row. These headings are:

  • Pain - The pains your prospects have
  • Cause - The cause of the pain
  • Impact - The impact on the prospects role (both professional and personal)
  • Advice - What can you share with them that could help them with the pain regardless of your solution?
  • Anecdote/Solution - Talk through a customer story / anecdote of how a similar prospect has allieviated this pain with your solution (don't list out the features - tell a story). It's important to use the same words that the prospect has used on the call (known as mirroring).
  • 3rd Party Content - Resources, blogs, podcast interviews by other companies (not competitors) in your industry.
  • Owned Content - Your own content such as case studies, testimonials and other resources that focus on overcoming these pains.
  • Next steps - Reiterate their pain and the impact and book the meeting.
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Use this Pain and Solution map to have more relevant conversations with prospects, book more meetings and close more deals. For both SDR's and AE's

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The Pain & Solution Map

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